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Newsletter: Evolving to Include Tech and the Cloud

This year Tooliedotter Press celebrated 10 years of existence. It's been a much better year for my business than the previous two, but I am sorry that I couldn't celebrate this milestone as I had hoped to do. Right about the time I would have been sending anniversary announcements, the hosting company who had handled my websites since the beginning flushed all of my websites down their digital toilet.

After 48 hours of being completely off the Internet, they did restore the files, but the damage was done. I had to find another provider. I had been involved with Amazon Web Services as a contract writer and fallen in love with their technology. I decided to go ahead with moving my websites from the previous provider's standard website hosting to the Amazon's cloud, and I haven't looked back.

As I began restoring my sites, I evaluated how I was going to use them in the future. That led to a bout of soul-searching that included the decision to finally get that book on cloud-computing written. It also meant that I am going to let some of my websites, products, and services go into mothballs for a while.

After 10 years on my own, I accepted a generous offer in July to take a permanent job for a while. I'm working in downtown Seattle for a fast-growing, well-funded startup that is building a database from the ground up. The technology is so compelling that 2 other long-time consultants besides myself decided to get in on the action by becoming employees instead of remaining independent. It's an intense, exciting place to be for the time being. And to my surprise, my experience with cloud computing has been utilized in addition to my writing and speaking skills. For me it's the best of both worlds: a steady paycheck in a semi-entrepreneurial environment.

Because even the best startups are at risk, I am keeping my website consulting clients on the side, and that makes for long days and perpetually working weekends. Even my 12 days off around Christmas have been spent finishing projects that have to be done by January 1st. So like many people who take active vacations, I'll be going back to work to recover!

As any wise business evolves, so has mine. I've been writing and sending an email newsletter since the beginning, but now it's time to switch completely over to using the as my writing outlet. I plan to write more about business travel technology and its relationship to cloud computing until I'm back out on the road as a speaker. I anticipate travel returning to my life in 2014, either for my job or for my consulting, or both.

It will continue to be a pleasure writing to you, plus now it won't just be on the last day of the month! My blog posts may be shorter, but now I can write whenever I find something worthwhile to share.

Thank you for your faithful readership over these past 9-and-a-half years. I look forward to bringing you travel and tech on this blog whenever possible.

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